Organized public transport system for visitors to the Punkevni Caves was introduced in 1993, and was one of the consequences of gradual closing down of the roads in Pusty and Suchy Zleb to traffic. Motorcars, smog, chaos, unauthorized parking, and noise - all disappeared from polluted and crowded roads. Road and the parking lot serving the Punkevni Caves, that used to be blocked with automobiles, now have the character of a pedestrian zone.


The means of public transport that convey the visitors to the Punkevni Caves from terminal parking lot Skalni Mlyn, consist of two road trains, and cable way connection that takes the visitors from the Punkevni Caves to observation bridges at Macocha Abyss.


Cableway has been providing this service from 1995, and it is regarded as being one of the most environment-friendly transport means. What is more, it has been set into the landscape in the most sensitive and functional way and there can, therefore, be no doubt about its importance. Since its opening on May 6, 1995, the cable way has safely conveyed hundreds of thousands of visitors. It provides welcomed alternative to all those visitors to Moravian Karst who find walking difficult, and to those who simply do not feel like walking. Apart from everything else, the cableway has made elimination of all motor traffic from Suchy Zleb.

Price list   

Effective from 1.1.2024. Prices are in CZK.


two-way ticket


Adults 140,-                     100,-       
Children, Students 100,-                   80,-     

Cable lift

two-way ticket


Adults 140,-                 100,-       
Children, Students 100,-               80,-     


two-way ticket


Adults 240,-              180,-       
Children, Students 180,-               140,-     


Car 100,- 
Moto 50,- 
Bus 300,- 
Caravan 200,- 

Free of charge

  • Children till 3 years, school groups not included 


  • Children 3 - 15 years
  • Students with student card till 26 years

Train and cableway timetable

Technical data

Road Trains

Opened on         22.5.1993 
Route length cca 2 km
Manufacturer Tschu-Tschu Bahnen, Německo
Engine type Nissan
Number of trains 2 (winter, summer)
Year of manufacture              1993
Speed do 25 km/h
Starting station Skalní mlýn

The Punkevni Caves

Duration of journey approx. 10 min.

Lanová dráha

The foundation stone laid on 27.6.1994                                                    
Opened on


Manufacturer Doppelmayr, Rakousko
Altitude at the Lower Station 361,83 m above sea
Altitude at the Upper Station 492,92 m above sea
Duration of journey 2,05 - 2,12 minutes
Super elevation 131,9 m
Number of load-bearing trestles 2
Slant length 249,31 m
Number of cabins 2
Carry capacity (persons/hr) 353
Cabin capacity 15 persons
Conveying speed 2,5 m/s
Average slope 63,41 %
Cable diameter 41,00 mm